Walter Keyboss


High pressure injection moulding for the durable plastic parts in combination with precision CNC milling for the wheel makes all the parts fit together perfectly.

The smooth shape is designed to easily slide into your pocket. Because the sharp teeth of the keys are covered, torn pockets are a thing of the past.

Carry your keys in style

Inside the Key Boss’s protective housing, there is enough space to fit 7 conventional keys.

Recycled PET felt is used to reduce key jingling. On either side of the key beard big felt pads hold the keys in place.

Fast, intuitive one handed

Our patented flick-and-flip system works as easily as it sounds. First, press both buttons simultaneously to pop open the lid. Next, flip out your keys with a flick of the wrist. That’s it!

Swap keys with a simple twist

Rotate the quick-release wheel to add or remove keys from your Key Boss.

The key furthest to the right is the fastest to swap.

How many keys fit?

The Key Boss has enough space to fit 7 conventional keys. It also fits more exotically shaped keys to a certain extend.

Width: The inside width of the Key Boss is 20 mm. To find out if your keys fit, you can make a stack of your keys and measure the height of the stack.

Length: If your key has a length of 62 mm from the center of the hole to the tip of the key, it will perfectly fit the Key Boss.