Vibers Lunch Box

This is a very special storagebox! Is it made of plastic? Is it paper? Is it cardboard? No, it’s VibersTM! A brand-new material made from elephant grass grown in Dutch soil. Natural fibre, biological degradable, super strong and sustainable.

VibersTM is made from elephant grass – a fast- growing crop that absorbs 4 times as much CO2 as a forest of trees. Thanks to modern technologies, it’s highly suited to making products that are better for the environment. Plastic is on its way out. So instead we’re making replacements for various pollutants – like handy products to use at home or when camping.

Without thinking, we often throw something away directly after use, put our stuff straight in the dishwasher, or use aggressive detergents. VibersTM is consciously different.

Because things from nature deserve to be handled with care. If you keep VibersTM cool and dry, it’ll last and last. That’s why VibersTM should be washed by hand with mild soap, thoroughly dried afterwards, and only used for cold food and drinks. You can use VibersTM up to a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. It’s not suitable for the dishwasher, and nor should it be used for hot drinks and meals.