The Scarfmask (with integrated facemask!)

Scarfie is a new, trendy brand which combines their fashionable scarves with matching facemasks.

This model: The Scarfmask.  A snood-scarf with integrated facemask in one! On the inside of each snood an extra pocket is sewn with elastic straps for your ears.  This special design offers two layers of protection. But: if needed you can add an extra filter (kitchenpaper or tissue) in the special pocket to have another layer of protection.

Available stock materials for the Scarfie collection are very nice and stretchy fabrics made from:

  • Bamboo fiber (grey material)  – Oeko Tex Standard 100
  • Recycled PET bottles (black material) – Recycling certification
  • Recycled Textile (white material, available soon) 

Be safe: stylish & sustainably!

Note: these are for personal use only, not for medical purposes.