Every year, 14,000 tons of sunscreen are washed into the ocean from swimmers, leading to widespread destruction of marine life. 10% of the world’s coral reefs are threatened by bleaching caused by the most commonly used chemical UV filter, Oxybenzone.

To counteract the problem, Suntribe’s sunscreens are scientifically certified to be 100% safe for marine life. We are also proud to partner with Nordic Ocean Watch and Sea Going Green: two organisations dedicated to making sure our oceans thrive and having a positive impact on our planet.

Suntribe’s sunscreens:

  • Contain no micro plastics
  • Are made from only four ingredients, all of which are natural: organic cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, organic cera alba (beeswax), zinc oxide (non-nano, 22%), iron oxide (CI 77491)
  • Offer certified, broad-spectrum protection – UVA and UVB
  • Are biodegradable
  • Do not damage coral reefs
  • Are cruelty-free, and have never been tested on animals
  • Are water-resistant, perfect for water sports
  • Are approved for use in sensitive aquatic environments

Good for nature, good for you!