Shampoo bar


Shampoo Bars’ goal is to reduce the use of plastic shampoo bottles. Shampoo Bars are suitable for all hair types. One Shampoo Bar delivers the equivalent of three bottles of shampoo, and lasts an average of 80 washes.

“Shampoo Bars: better for the environment, good for your hair!”

did you know that every minute, one million plastic bottles are sold globally? It’s predicted that this number will rise by 20% in 2021. It’s also predicted that in 2050, there’ll be more plastic than fish in the ocean. These figures are based on the use of plastic bottles alone – they don’t include any other plastic packaging.

Shampoo Bars contain natural ingredients.

Liquid soaps often contain synthetic ingredients to produce foam. There are little to no chemicals in Shampoo Bars.

If you use a Shampoo Bar, you don’t need conditioner.

We often use conditioner because we use lots of harsh products to wash our hair – which means our hair lacks nutrition. By using conditioner, we’re adding that nutrition back into our hair. Shampoo Bars are made with nourishing oils. That means there’s no intensive de-greasing agent that dries out your hair. And that means there’s no need to use conditioner as well.

Is your hair dry, fly-away or damaged? Then the Shampoo Bar with honey is ideal.

A Shampoo Bar is the perfect travel companion.

Because you don’t have to worry about leakage or the maximum amount of liquids you can take with you, Shampoo Bars are perfect for traveling. They’re not only small, light and compact, but also TSA-approved.

Shampoo Bars even fit through the letterbox!

If you buy a Shampoo Bar, the package will easily fit through the letterbox when it’s delivered. Which means you don’t need to stay at home to wait for it – handy, right? What’s more, all the packaging is biodegradable.

The paper bags in which the Shampoo Bars are packaged are recyclable. The production process is sustainable, and many elements are reused. The paper – made from conifer trees – has a soft composition that makes it suitable for recycling after use.

The green packaging chips are made from 100% natural materials: air, water and vegetable starch. They quickly break down organically, without damaging the environment. The packaging chips can be reused, thrown away or composted, and are 100% water soluble.

The box is made from cardboard and is also recyclable.

A Shampoo Bar in a can with custom logo and tekst!