Rackpack (All model overview)

The Rackpack-line consists of twelve quality wine gift boxes which transform any bottle of wine into a luxury gift. Best of all: they are all useful and reusable! Thoughtfully designed & eco-friendly, it’s clear that Rackpack was dreamed up by award-winning Dutch designers who are passionate about the environment, wine and good design.

Rackpack Original:
A wooden gift box for a bottle of wine that turns into a wine storage rack. In addition to helping your bottle stand apart from other host and hostess gifts, the Rackpack can be transformed from a carrier to a wooden wine rack with the simple flip of a few hinges. It can be reconfigured several different ways for storing three, six, or even 12 bottles of wine.

Tray Chique:
A horizontally carried wooden box for one bottle of wine. After opening it transforms into a serving tray.

Say Cheese:
A wooden gift box with two compartments. One for a bottle of wine and one for an assortment of french cheese. The lid of the box doubles as a bamboo cutting board, to present and cut the cheese you just received as a present. Bon appétit!

Way Cooler:
Waycooler is a wooden gift box for a bottle of wine with a cork interior. So, made from natural material, it keeps a bottle cool for 1.5 hours. That’s wáááy cooler!

Beeb beeb, Robox comes to you with a bottle of wine in his belly. After taking the bottle of wine you can just let him play somewhere in your house.

Wine Truck:  A giftbox for a bottle of wine and a toy truck. You can come home with that!

Beer Gear:
The giftbox for up to 5 bottles of beer which can be folded into a carrier for one meter of beer, or as the Dutch say: a Beermeter. Beer Gear fits 9 bottles or glasses, so invite 8 friends and get the party started!

Wine Sign:
Can be turned into a letterbox with two rows for your own text! It contains 85 letters, numbers and symbols.

Desk Topper:
Can be turned into a desktop organizer. The lid can be used to divide the compartments. Very useful for neatly organizing your desk/table/kitchen or bedroom!

Wine Light:
The wine box that turns into a table light to set the mood right. The included cable and socket can easily be installed in your very own wooden design light.

Juice Box:
The Bamboo lid of this model functions as a desktop dock and has a built-in wireless charger for your phone.

Casa de Tapas (Large) is a wooden gift box for two bottles of wine, or a bottle of wine and some delicious tapas. Muchas gracias!

Casa de Tapas (Small) is a wooden gift box for a bottle of wine or some delicious tapas.  The frontside of the bamboo plate has pockets for tapas, the backside can be used as a cutting board. Muchas gracias!

Rock ‘n Roller is a giftbox for two bottles of wine with a flexible Bamboo lid.
1. Use it as a tray on the arm restof your sofa
2. Use the entire packaging as a storage box