Around 8 million tons of plastic enters the oceans every year, polluting our most important source of life. By managing your waste properly, you’re making a small but important contribution to keeping the oceans pure. With every product you purchase, Flextrash makes a donation to clean up the plastic soup and save valuable marine life like fish and corals.

Flextrash’s ambition is for a cleaner world with cleaner oceans – and that starts with you! Even small steps can make a big difference. Becoming conscious of the waste you produce and recycling it wherever possible is already a great contribution.

Flextrash is a beautifully designed waste bin that promotes love for the planet:

  • Made of recycled PET-Bottles
  • Colourful design
  • Soft exterior
  • Perfect for cleaning up
  • Useful for every occasion
  • Easy to customize
  • Comes in three sizes:
    • Small: 3-litre bin for the bathroom
    • Medium: 5-litre bin for the car
    • Large: 9-litre bin for camping
  • Available colors:
    • Small:
      • Orange
      • Yellow
      • Black
      • Grey
    • Medium:
      • Black
      • Grey
    • Large:
      • Rosy Red
      • Joyfull Yellow
      • Beautiful Beige
      • Gracefull Grey
      • Black
      • Grey

Keep it clean with Flextrash! The flexible bin that travels with you. Dutch design, cool colours and made of sustainable materials. Together for a cleaner world!