These products started their lives as car tyres! Did you know that 70% of the rubber industry goes towards tyre production? Unfortunately, a lot of rubber is subsequently lost via incineration, and we want to prevent that. In 2011, the founders of Ecowings saw an opportunity: upcycling tyres that would otherwise be incinerated into laptop bags. Since then, the company has been collecting the rubber inner tubes from truck tyres in India’s waste stream. Ecowings has now expanded to the Netherlands and other European countries. One truck tyre can be used to create no less than four laptop bags!

Ecowings recovers used rubber inner tubes from truck tyres in India, rescuing them from waste incineration. The benefits of upcycling this rubber into laptop bags are three-fold: CO2 and other emissions decrease; the amount of waste is reduced.

Several different models are available, and the products can even be personalised. The laptop bags are available with zips in orange, blue, red and yellow.