Bio Bidon

The Bio Bidon – the first organic bottle in the world. Made in Europe! This revolution in bottles is not only great for sport as part of a healthy lifestyle – it also contributes to a better environment. The organic bottle neither smells nor tastes of plastic like regular plastic bottles do, and of course, it’s also BPA-free.

The Bio Bidon is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way: no scarce raw materials are used to produce it – only renewable sugar cane. Cultivation of sugar cane absorbs CO2 and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The materials used meet food safety requirements and are fully recyclable.

An added benefit is that the Bio Bidon  neither smells nor tastes like plastic. We want to encourage people to drink tap water as a healthy, cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to water sold in disposable plastic bottles. You can use the Bio Bidon not only while doing sport, but also while you’re on the go instead of disposable bottles. In summary: a sustainable and healthy alternative to a regular plastic bottle!