Beat The Bag

This bag is made from leftover fabric, like old flags or banners. Beat the Bag gives old promotional materials a new lease of life. By using this bag, you’re reducing waste, helping people find work, and never needing to buy a plastic bag in a store again. Let’s Beat the Bag!

By upcycling promotional materials into reusable bags by and for companies, Beat the Bag is helping to move Europe’s circular economy forward. In the promotional industry, a lot of materials are produced that lead short lives and are quickly discarded. Each month, we convert around 1,500 m2 of this material into sustainable, high-quality bags – tailored to the wishes of the client. This turns a material that’s become worthless into a valuable product again. These unique bags are sewn in socially responsible warehouses, which also provide local employment opportunities.

A bag with a story
100% Upcycled
100% Handmade
100% Dutch