Everyone wants to get back to nature – but as comfortably as possible. The Bag-to-Nature is a simple organic, Skal certified growing system you can use to start cultivating herbs and vegetables right at home. It’s not only healthy but fun! Now you can garden without needing a green thumb and keep your hands clean.

The natural ‘soil’ is made from ground coconut husks, rich in nutrients and extremely fertile. The growing medium is compressed before packaging, giving it a very compact volume. All you have to do at home is add water and it expands to its original form.

With the varied Bag-to-Nature product line, the vegetables grow in a compact design pouch right on your counter or balcony. Just give them some water and a little love. We offer an inspirational flavour assortment, including Awesome Arugula, Rapid Radish, Spectacular Spinach and Bizarre Basil.

The sleeve of the product can be branded full-color and all-over in a custom design.