A Beautifull Story – 100% Fairtrade Jewerly

Beautiful 100% Fairtrade jewelry from the Dutch brand “A Beautiful Story”.

The love for Nepal and its people has drawn the designers of this amazing brand to the highlands of this vulnerable country in the Far East. The collection offered by “A Beautiful story” provides fair jobs for local communities and better lives for countless Nepalese families. Since “A Beautiful Story” is involved in the whole production process from start to finish, they are able to create fair and ethically made jewelry. All pieces are handmade with love and care. Where East meets West: designs from Amsterdam combined with the traditional craft form of Nepal. There are already 60 Nepalese families making a living thanks to “A Beautiful Story”.

The designs that Interall Group offer are from the so called “Postcards” collection: beautiful designed postcards with a bracelet to send a personal message to relations, colleagues or customers.  Available in 16 standard designs, as well as the possibility of custom printing.

The postcard is made out of 100% FCS biotop paper, woodfree ECT. The polybag is ecofriendly and will biodegrade in nature.

So: 100 % Fairtrade AND ecofriendly! Read more at www.abeautifulstory.eu